25 Exciting Things to Do in Sarawak

Located on the northwest coast of Borneo, Sarawak is a Malaysian state known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and adventurous spirit. With so many exciting things to do and see, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. Here are 25 of our top suggestions for an unforgettable Sarawak adventure:

Natural Wonders of Sarawak

Natural Wonders of Sarawak

Explore the Bako National Park

Bako National Park is known as one of Sarawak’s oldest and smallest parks. Located about 20 km from central Kuching, it is situated on a peninsula with rugged coastline and dense jungle. Bako is home to a variety of wildlife, including over 150 species of birds, the proboscis monkey, and the silvered leaf monkey. You can explore the park on foot along the many trails, and take a dip in one of the beautiful secluded beaches.

Discover the Mulu Caves

The Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts one of the largest cave networks in the world. A visit to the Mulu Caves offers a unique and awe-inspiring experience that will leave a lasting impression. Take a boat ride along the Melinau River to reach the caves, where you can marvel at the towering caves, underground rivers, and impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Visit the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is a sanctuary for endangered wildlife, including orangutans, gibbons, hornbills, and other fascinating animals. Visitors can watch the feeding of the orangutans and trek through the forest to catch a glimpse of the other animals. The centre also offers educational tours and activities to learn more about the conservation efforts in Sarawak.

Trek through Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park is located just outside of Kuching and is known for its diverse plant and animal life. Trek through the lush forest and discover waterfalls, rock formations, and a variety of plant species. The park is home to the rare Rafflesia flower – the world’s largest flower that blooms for only a few days each year.

Cruise the Santubong River

The Santubong River is a picturesque river that offers scenic views of Sarawak’s natural beauty. Take a river cruise to explore the river and its tributaries, where you can spot Proboscis monkeys, Irrawaddy dolphins, and other wildlife. The river is also surrounded by mangrove forests, which are an important habitat for many bird species.

Cultural Experiences in Sarawak

Cultural Experiences in Sarawak

Experience the Sarawak Cultural Village

The Sarawak Cultural Village is a living museum that showcases the diverse cultures of Sarawak’s indigenous communities. Visitors can experience traditional dances, music, and crafts, and learn about the unique customs and traditions of the different ethnic groups in Sarawak. The village is located about 45 minutes from Kuching and offers guided tours and cultural performances.

Visit the Kuching Cat Museum

The Kuching Cat Museum is a must-visit attraction for cat lovers. The museum is dedicated to the history, culture, and mythology of cats, and features over 4,000 cat-related items, including paintings, sculptures, and artifacts. The museum is located in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, and is free to enter.

Attend the Rainforest World Music Festival

The Rainforest World Music Festival is a three-day event that celebrates the diverse music and cultural traditions of Sarawak, Borneo, and the world. The festival features performances by local and international musicians, workshops, and cultural activities. The festival is held annually in July at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Explore the Old Kuching Heritage Trail

The Old Kuching Heritage Trail is a walking tour that takes visitors through the historic heart of Kuching. Along the way, you can discover colonial-era buildings, temples, mosques, and other cultural landmarks. The trail starts at the Kuching Waterfront and ends at the Sarawak Museum.

Learn about the Iban Longhouses

The Iban longhouses are traditional communal houses that are built on stilts and are home to many families. Visitors can experience the unique culture and way of life of the Iban people by staying in a longhouse, participating in traditional activities, and learning about their customs and traditions. There are several longhouses that are open to visitors, including the Annah Rais Longhouse and the Batang Ai Longhouse.

Adventure Activities in Sarawak

Adventure Activities in Sarawak

Go Caving in Niah National Park

Niah National Park is a vast cave system that offers exciting opportunities for adventure and exploration. Visitors can hike through the dense jungle and explore the ancient caves, where they can see cave paintings, caves inhabited by swiftlets, and other unique features. Night tours are also available, where visitors can witness the millions of bats that inhabit the caves emerge for their nightly feeding.

Conquer Mount Santubong

Mount Santubong is the highest peak in the Santubong Peninsula and offers a challenging and rewarding trekking experience. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding jungle and coastline from the summit, and see a variety of wildlife along the way. The trek is approximately 8 km long, and can take between 6-7 hours to complete.

Dive at Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park

The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park is a protected marine park that offers some of the best diving and snorkelling opportunities in Sarawak. Visitors can explore the vibrant coral reefs and see a variety of marine life, including colourful reef fish, sharks, and turtles. The park is located about 30 minutes from Miri and can be accessed by boat.

Take a Kayaking Trip on the Sarawak River

Kayaking on the Sarawak River is a great way to explore the city of Kuching and its natural surroundings. Visitors can paddle along the river and catch a glimpse of Sarawak’s diverse wildlife, including proboscis monkeys and river otters. Tours are available for all levels of experience, and visitors can paddle through mangrove forests, rapids, and calm waters.

Try the World’s Longest Zipline at Puncak Borneo

The Puncak Borneo Adventure Park is a thrilling attraction that offers a range of adrenaline-pumping activities, including the world’s longest zipline that stretches over 1.2 km. Visitors can also enjoy other activities such as high rope walks, rappelling, and rock climbing. The park is located in the heart of Sarawak’s rainforest, offering stunning views of the surrounding jungle.


Sarawak offers something for everyone, from cultural experiences to exciting outdoor adventures. With so many exciting things to do and see, it’s no wonder that Sarawak is becoming an increasingly popular destination for travellers from around the world. So why not book your next adventure to Sarawak and discover all that this amazing destination has to offer?