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Marwa Abd al-Rahim
Video Editor and Travel Blogger

  • Expertise in video editing and travel blogging, offering a unique blend of visual storytelling and travel insights.
  • Specializes in providing travel tips and creating itineraries for those exploring Malaysia.
  • Dedicated to helping travelers discover the beauty of Malaysia through her writing and videos.
  • Aspires to transition into a full-time travel blogger.

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  • Marwa Abd al-Rahim is not just a skilled video editor; she’s also a passionate travel blogger with a focus on helping people explore the wonders of Malaysia. With her educational background and experience, Marwa brings a dynamic perspective to her travel advice.
  • In addition to her role as a video editor, Marwa excels as a scriptwriter, crafting engaging narratives that complement her video projects. Her storytelling abilities add depth and immersion to her travel content, allowing readers and viewers to truly experience the destinations she explores.
  • Marwa’s approach to writing is rooted in her love for discovery, whether it’s new places or culinary delights. She believes that travel is about creating memorable experiences, and her work reflects that philosophy.
  • Outside of her professional life, Marwa maintains a healthy lifestyle by dedicating time to the gym, participating in marathons, and indulging in her love for food.


Marwa earned her degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia, which has provided her with a strong foundation for her work as both a video editor and travel blogger.


Marwa’s travel expertise has been featured in “Edge Malaysia,” where she shares her insights into Malaysia’s hidden gems and travel tips.

Hobbies and Interests

In her free time, Marwa enjoys maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness activities like gym workouts and marathons. Her love for food tasting aligns perfectly with her travel adventures, making her a well-rounded connoisseur of Malaysian cuisine.

Future Goals

Marwa’s ultimate ambition is to transition into a full-time travel blogger, enabling her to share the beauty of Malaysia with a broader audience. Her journey towards this goal is marked by a passion for exploration, culinary experiences, and the creation of captivating video content.

Whether you’re an adventurer planning a trip to Malaysia or someone who appreciates visual storytelling, Marwa Abd al-Rahim’s blog and videos offer a vibrant gateway to the heart of Malaysia’s culture and landscapes. Join her as she combines her skills in video editing with a passion for travel, one captivating story at a time.