10 Exciting Things to Do in Labuan

Located in the heart of the South China Sea, Labuan is a charming island with a rich history and natural beauty. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a nature lover, there are plenty of exciting things to do on this Malaysian paradise. Here are our top 10 picks for an unforgettable experience.

Explore Labuan’s Rich History

Explore Labuan's Rich History

One of the most fascinating aspects it its rich history, which dates back to the 19th century when it was a British colony. Today, visitors can immerse themselves in the island’s history by exploring its many historical landmarks and attractions.

Labuan has a unique history that is intertwined with the British colonial era. During this time, the island was an important trading hub, and its strategic location made it a crucial military base for the British Empire. The island played a significant role in the World War II, and its history is a testament to the bravery and resilience of its people.

Visit the Labuan World War II Memorial

The Labuan World War II Memorial is a must-visit for history buffs. This somber site commemorates the Allied soldiers who died during the Battle of Labuan, which took place in 1945. The memorial features a beautifully landscaped garden and a monument that honors the fallen soldiers. Visitors can view the names of the soldiers on the memorial wall and pay their respects.

The battle was a significant event in the island’s history, and it marked the end of the Japanese occupation. The Allied forces, led by the Australian army, launched a successful attack on the island, which paved the way for the liberation of Borneo.

Discover the Royal Navy Coaling Station

Labuan was once an important coaling station for the Royal Navy, and visitors can explore the remnants of this history at the Royal Navy Coaling Station. The station was built in the late 19th century to supply coal to the British naval ships that sailed through Southeast Asia. Today, visitors can see the massive brick chimney that was used to ventilate the coal mines and learn about the history of coal mining on the island.

The Royal Navy Coaling Station is a fascinating site that offers a glimpse into the island’s colonial past. The station was a crucial part of the British Empire’s global network of coaling stations, and it played a vital role in maintaining Britain’s naval supremacy.

Explore the Chimney of Labuan

Standing at a height of 106 feet, the Chimney of Labuan is a towering landmark on the island. Built in the late 19th century, this iconic chimney was once used to expel smoke and fumes from the coal mines. Visitors can climb to the top for breathtaking views of the island.

The Chimney is an impressive feat of engineering that is a testament to the island’s industrial heritage. The chimney is a symbol of its past and a reminder of the island’s importance as a center of coal mining and trade.

Enjoy Labuan’s Natural Beauty

Dive into Labuan’s Underwater World

Dive into Labuan's Underwater World

With crystal clear waters and diverse marine life, Labuan is a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, there are plenty of opportunities to discover its underwater world.

Experience the Labuan Marine Park

The Labuan Marine Park is a protected area that spans 38 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of marine species. Visitors can swim among vibrant corals and colorful fish, spot sea turtles and sharks, and explore the many shipwrecks that dot the seabed.

Dive at the Shipwreck Sites

The place is known for its many shipwreck sites, which are popular among divers. These sites include the American Wreck, the Australian Wreck, and the Cement Wreck, all of which offer a unique glimpse into Labuan’s history and marine life.

Snorkel at Rusukan Besar Island

Rusukan Besar Island is a small, uninhabited island off the coast. The island’s shallow waters and vibrant coral reefs make it an excellent spot for snorkeling. Visitors can see a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine creatures.

Enjoy Labuan's Natural Beauty

Spend More Time with Nature

The place is renowned for its natural beauty, from its white sandy beaches to its lush rainforests. Visitors can take in the island’s stunning scenery by hiking, relaxing on the beach, or exploring one of its many natural attractions.

Relax at Layang-Layang Beach

Layang-Layang Beach is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking. The beach is known for its soft white sand and calm waters, making it an ideal spot for families and couples looking to unwind.

Trek through the Labuan Bird Park

The Labuan Bird Park is home to over 580 species of birds, making it a paradise for bird lovers. Visitors can stroll through the park’s lush gardens and admire the colorful birds, including hornbills, parakeets, and eagles.

Visit the Labuan Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the island. The garden is home to a variety of plants and trees, including rare orchids and fragrant spices. Visitors can relax in the shade of the trees or stroll through the garden’s many paths and trails.

Experience Local Labuan Culture and Festivities

Experience Local Culture and Festivities labuan

Labuan is a melting pot of cultures, and visitors can experience the island’s unique blend of Malay, Chinese, and Western influences through its many festivals and cultural events.

Attend the Labuan International Sea Challenge

The Labuan International Sea Challenge is an annual event that takes place in the community. The event includes a variety of water sports, including jet skiing, kayaking, and sailing, as well as cultural performances and food fairs.

Explore the Labuan Weekend Market

The Labuan Weekend Market is a bustling bazaar that takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Visitors can browse the stalls selling a variety of goods, including local handicrafts, traditional foods, and fresh produce.

Taste Traditional Cuisine

It is known for its unique cuisine, which blends Malay, Chinese, and Western flavors. Visitors can sample local delicacies, such as fish and chips, satay, and laksa, at one of the island’s many restaurants and food stalls.

Labuan is a fascinating destination with something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or culture, there are plenty of exciting things to do on this stunning island.